Spring Outdoor Planters

Early Spring Outdoor Planters may include such plants as Pansies , Tulips, Daffodils, Hyacingth, and more. (install starts Early - Mid April) Late Spring Outdoor Planters may include such plants as Hydrangea, French Geraniums, Campanulla, English Ivy, & other specimen plants. (install usually start mid Apr - Early May) We officially start planting April 3rd, 2019 weather permitting, (when danger of freezing is at its minimum. Most bulb plants & pansies can take a slight freeze,

however no guarantee is implied on weather damage such as frost, freezing or any other 'whims of Mother Nature') Call Our Outdoor Urn Planting Specialist at VANDERFLEET & commission us to design/install Spring Outdoor Planters in your existing urns. We can also source urns through our many contacts in the trade. 'At Your Home' Urn Planting Service available in Central Etobicoke & 'Bloor West Village' Area only. Postal Codes starting M9A, M9B, M8X, M8Y, M8Z & M6S